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The Who, What and Why of Research

Have you ever wondered:

What is "research"?

What do research scientists do all day?

Where do ideas come from?

How do scientists think about research?

When most people think of scientific research they picture a highly schooled person in a white lab coat calming carrying out a long series of carefully planned experiments from 9am-5pm. But in reality "research" looks completely different across subjects, labs, individuals, and even days of the week!

This blog will be an exploration of the Sandkam lab's experiences conducting "research". Members of the lab will take turns posting a new blog entry each month about what is going on in our 'research lives'. These posts will be written to be read by everyone - "scientist" or not. We hope readers will come to see that research is fun, research is frustrating, but above all; research is diverse. Since everyone has a unique collection of experiences and ideas, everyone can contribute to research and the more diverse the researchers, the better the research!

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